Hello, my name is Paul Meisel.
I was born on Aug 24, 1976.
I earned my Master's Degree in computer science at Brandeis University.
Currently I live in San Jose Ca.
My main email address is ducky@rhps.cybersquad.net

My online resume

Sorry for the sad state of my home page. I keep thinking I need to do something very cool with it. I could build a cool menu system, where it loads all the sub pages using AJAX, except a barely have enough content for one page. I started building a site to show off my Javascript talents (see here), but I hit a coder's block on what to build. What I need is a reason to write the code. (Also I got lazy and didn't feel like writing instructions to people).

Anyway if you want to see my photo albums go here

Maybe someday when I get the inspiration I will update this page